Monday, April 05, 2010

Seminar Wrap Up

We arrived safely home Sunday, just in time to celebrate Easter with our family. Praise the Lord, Jesus is risen!

What a great experience we had in Northern California. Though my Princess was sick the last week of the seminar, it was still exciting to hear from my husband how God was blessing and working in the lives of our seminar guests. The church itself was so excited at the success of the meeting, they did not want to see us go. That is always a great way to leave a church. We have made life long friends and cannot wait to see all those people again, if not in this life, then in Heaven to come.

Friday night about 12 people graduated from the Amazing Facts Bible School. Three people were baptized that night as well. Then the next morning, during the church service 6 people were baptized, including one couple who was celebrating their 23 anniversary. Praise God! There are about 6 more people scheduled to be baptized including one couple, who are biologist, who want to get baptized in the nearby river. (Brrr! Cold.)

Our Princess was sad to leave her new best friend - the pastor's four year old daughter. We hope to one day see them again. It is nice to make new friends and always difficult to leave. That is our life though - on the road.

We now have a couple weeks off before heading to Oklahoma! Contine to pray for us, our ministry, and the good people of Oklahoma who will be coming out to hear the Gospel being presented in a real and life changing way.

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