Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: London


London Tower Bridge

WWII Boat (actual) that saved the lives of many British one miracle night.

Cyrus Cylinder at British Museum

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

London Alone

My husband has been in London, England that last 10 days. Alone. (We decided that we did not want to pay for a $1300 ticket for me.) What a trooper he is. I know he missed us a lot but we probably missed him more.

I am so happy he could go. There is something so awesome about God allowing him to train 75+ pastors and lay people in the city of London. It is all God. Don't get me wrong, my dear hubby is a great teacher and speaker, but God is so awesome. He opens the doors for great things in our lives. I am just happy to be a part of it all. So now we are praying for training in Australia or Costa Rica. That would be a blessing for sure. I would have to go to that training for sure.

The great leadership in London has asked him to return next June as well. This time they want him to do some training in Wales! The training he provides is practical evangelism training. If it works out, I WILL go this next summer. I have heard very nice things about Wales. And we can extend the trip and go to Scotland and/or Ireland as well. That is always nice.

Next up on our traveling agenda? Atlanta! (We must be crazy, planning a trip to Hotlanta in the summer time.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My Princess has been battling a fever this week. Though sheis better, the last two nights we decided to stay home from the seminar. The weather had other plans though. On Monday night as the Princess and I were enjoying our meal together alone, I got a phone call. My husband decided that based on the weather report of possible tornadoes he wanted us at the seminar hall with him. The seminar location has a basement that serves as a tornado shelter. As we rushed to get ready and leave, I grabbed some snacks in water, (*just in case).

With a little excitement and a prayer in my heart we left our "home" and watched as the sky darkened and the wind picked up. Boy, was it humid! That is one thing I don't think I will ever get used to - humidity.

That night as we stayed in the foyer of the hall, not wanting to spread germs to other kids, we watched out the big side windows. The wind picked up and some rain fell. But soon, the clouds passed and the sun started to peak through. The wind died down and it appeared the storm had passed us. Unfortunately, others in this great state of Oklahoma were not so lucky. Tornadoes did touch down and I heard that 5 people have now died because of the severe weather. We think of those who not only died but those who lost their homes and business as well. Join me in praying for the good people of Oklahoma who were affected by this series of storms.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tulsa Zoo

Week one in Oklahoma is coming to an end and we have been enjoying our stay so much. The church we are working with is so kind. Yesterday we received a basket full of fruit (even pineapple and mangoes!) and a fresh homemade loaf of bread. Today I received some flowers left at our "home". Aren't people in the South known for the hospitality? I know now why. We feel blessed. The Princess and I are here one more week, and though it will be nice to be at our own home, we will miss this small town.

The people in the community are really supporting the seminar as well. The attendance has still stayed above the opening night attendance. That is always a blessing from the Lord. I have been grading the Bible school lessons again here, and one couple accepted Christ for the first time last week. What a blessing to be doing this kind of work!

If any of you get a chance to come to Tulsa, the zoo is GREAT! We had a chance to go yesterday with the pastor's wife and kids. We had fun - camel ride, train ride, elephants, monkeys, fish, birds, and more! Then after the zoo we ate at a vegetarian restaurant. Be Le Vegetarian to be exact! I ordered "chicken" chow mein and my husband got Mongolian "beef". What a great place to eat!

Traveling is a lot of fun when you love the work you are doing and love the people you are with!

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Sunday, May 02, 2010


We arrived safely yesterday to Oklahoma Thursday evening. After a long day of traveling, (which our Princess did great!) we were happy to arrive at the church. It was 82 degrees but the wind made it feel so much cooler. We just are not used to that heat yet since we live in Washington. So praise the Lord for 20 mph winds!

The church here outside of Tulsa has a school on the property they no longer use. So they renovated the office in to a bedroom and the library in to a living room. We have everything we need including a kitchen, dining area, shower, washer/dryer, and access to the internet. The Princess is happily playing with all the toys here. New toys! What fun.

When we looked at the weather before we left, it showed sun and mid 70s for the next 10 days. We were very surprised to get a massive thunder and rain storm on Friday. While driving to the health food store in Tulsa we could barely see the road. (We don't get rain like that in Washington!) I hope these lightning/thunder/rain storms don't last. (I packed for 75 degree weather.)

Our seminar began last night. The pastor opened with an archeology lecture and Tyler will continue with a Bible lecture tonight. We had a great crowd of over 100 people. The hall was packed! Many said they would return tonight. For that we are thankful.

I helped in the children's room again this seminar. Boy, is that difficult. I knew there was a reason that I am not a teacher or a mother of 5+ children. Let's just say I slept pretty good last night. (And my feet hurt. Note to self: don't wear heels in the childcare room!)

Please pray for us as we are spending the next couple weeks here. And also pray for the community that those who need to connect with Jesus for the first time or again in their life will.

Monday, April 12, 2010

London's Calling

Talking back and forth since December, we were not sure if we would be going to London for a training seminar. But this last week we found out that yes, they want my husband in June for 10 days. Whew! We are glad that it came through.

Unfortunately, they will only cover my husbands airfare this time. For one brief moment we envisioned leaving the Princess with my parents and having a nice time alone together in the beautiful city of London, England. But then reality set it. She is not sleeping alone yet, not even with daddy right now. Plus, $1300 for a ticket is steep. We could do a lot with that kind of money. (New house = yard upkeep, raised garden, Costco swing set, sewing machine, Wii Fit... The list can go on and on.) So no, hubby is going to go to this seminar alone. Though, I am sure, he will have a fabulous time.

We are getting ready now for a 2 week seminar in Oklahoma. We have already worked with this great church before so we are excited. Plus, the pastor there is also doing an archeology seminar in conjuction with the Bible seminar. How fun! Oklahoma, here we come!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Seminar Wrap Up

We arrived safely home Sunday, just in time to celebrate Easter with our family. Praise the Lord, Jesus is risen!

What a great experience we had in Northern California. Though my Princess was sick the last week of the seminar, it was still exciting to hear from my husband how God was blessing and working in the lives of our seminar guests. The church itself was so excited at the success of the meeting, they did not want to see us go. That is always a great way to leave a church. We have made life long friends and cannot wait to see all those people again, if not in this life, then in Heaven to come.

Friday night about 12 people graduated from the Amazing Facts Bible School. Three people were baptized that night as well. Then the next morning, during the church service 6 people were baptized, including one couple who was celebrating their 23 anniversary. Praise God! There are about 6 more people scheduled to be baptized including one couple, who are biologist, who want to get baptized in the nearby river. (Brrr! Cold.)

Our Princess was sad to leave her new best friend - the pastor's four year old daughter. We hope to one day see them again. It is nice to make new friends and always difficult to leave. That is our life though - on the road.

We now have a couple weeks off before heading to Oklahoma! Contine to pray for us, our ministry, and the good people of Oklahoma who will be coming out to hear the Gospel being presented in a real and life changing way.