Sunday, May 02, 2010


We arrived safely yesterday to Oklahoma Thursday evening. After a long day of traveling, (which our Princess did great!) we were happy to arrive at the church. It was 82 degrees but the wind made it feel so much cooler. We just are not used to that heat yet since we live in Washington. So praise the Lord for 20 mph winds!

The church here outside of Tulsa has a school on the property they no longer use. So they renovated the office in to a bedroom and the library in to a living room. We have everything we need including a kitchen, dining area, shower, washer/dryer, and access to the internet. The Princess is happily playing with all the toys here. New toys! What fun.

When we looked at the weather before we left, it showed sun and mid 70s for the next 10 days. We were very surprised to get a massive thunder and rain storm on Friday. While driving to the health food store in Tulsa we could barely see the road. (We don't get rain like that in Washington!) I hope these lightning/thunder/rain storms don't last. (I packed for 75 degree weather.)

Our seminar began last night. The pastor opened with an archeology lecture and Tyler will continue with a Bible lecture tonight. We had a great crowd of over 100 people. The hall was packed! Many said they would return tonight. For that we are thankful.

I helped in the children's room again this seminar. Boy, is that difficult. I knew there was a reason that I am not a teacher or a mother of 5+ children. Let's just say I slept pretty good last night. (And my feet hurt. Note to self: don't wear heels in the childcare room!)

Please pray for us as we are spending the next couple weeks here. And also pray for the community that those who need to connect with Jesus for the first time or again in their life will.

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Laura N├Ámmik said...

I really admire you Lavonne. I can only imagine how difficult it must be sometimes to travel so much with the little princess, but I really think it's awesome that you and Tyler follow wherever God leads. I pray I learn to be so accepting of God's will for my life. I just love reading your blogs, by the way. :)