Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Things I Don't Miss About Apartment Living

Don't get me wrong, when we travel the country, working with churches, I actually prefer to stay in a furnished apartment. The reason? All the amenities of course. I mean, this recent apartment we stayed in had a pool, hot tub, cable television, wireless internet, gym, juice bar, and gated entry. How cool is that? But if I had to put a list together of 10 things I don't like very well about staying in an apartment, here they are (in no particular order):
  1. Assigned parking spaces. Not fun when it is raining, or when someone else parks in your spot.
  2. Snoring. Yes, I can hear the person next door who snores, loudly, at night.
  3. Base. You know when music is so loud, all you hear is the bump, bump, bump.
  4. Stairs. When you don't live on the ground level you have to walk up stairs, which takes a century for my Princess. And yes, I am still learning to deal with my patience. Most days I just pick her up, against her will, and carry her.
  5. Uncomfortable couches. Some nights, when I can't sleep, I really can't sleep when I have to lay on the couch. The latest one was on a sloping cushion.
  6. The road is below the bedroom window. The quiet of our Loop in Washington is bliss. Really. Which leads to #7:
  7. Light in the bedroom at night. When you live above a major road the street lights, house lights, and car lights are BRIGHT.
  8. Strangers. I have an irrational fear of strangers breaking in. I hear noises all the time and look out the peep hole 10x or more per day. And no, no one has ever tried to break in.
  9. Central mailboxes, that are far from our apartment.
  10. I don't have enough room for coupons and crafts.(And I do love coupons and crafts.)

Joshua 17: 14 "...The Lord has blessed us abundantly."

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Star Seeker said...

I completely understand! Especially #1, 3, 7 and 8. Hopefully for your next seminar you'll be able to stay in a place that is a little quieter and not so bright at night!