Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living Intentionally

Extravagant Grace

Yesterday, my husband and I got into an argument. And we were both right. We are always both right. (That is the problem.) The thing is, the argument is often about something insignificant.

While he took the Princess out for errands, I began thinking of more ways I was right. Which is a wrong attitude, I know. It was then that I decided to take advantage of the time I had alone and read a chapter in a book, The Messiah, about the life of Jesus. Then I read and re-read Isaiah chapter 12.

As I was reading about God's awesome love and grace for us, I was convicted deeply. My husband and were not communicating effectively. My own pride and love of self were just getting in the way. I decided, intentionally, that I wanted to communicate my needs in a godly way. I prayed and wrote down what I wanted to say. When my husband returned home, gone was my prideful attitude, and in its place was a Christ like love. I could not have done it without the help of Jesus. I gave him my list, and you know what? He read that list, and said he was going to do his best to do every thing on the list. We hugged, apologized, and stated again, how much we love each other. That is what Intentional Living is for me this year -2010.
  • Choosing to spend time with God, any opportunity I can.
  • Choosing to allow Him to change me from the inside out.
  • Choosing to love my family, even when it is hard.
Won't you join me, in Living Intentionally for Jesus? It is worth it, believe me.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is, Lavonne, so very worth it! Thank you for visiting my blog.
~ linda

eLisa said...

LaVonne, I love your transparency and commitment to live intentionally, simple. Thanks for sharing!

Blessings, extravagantly,