Friday, January 29, 2010

Children's Ministry? Oh my!

Yes, I am a slow learner. Trust God, remember? Well, opening night was a little stressful. I really need to improve my relaxation skills. Things never go how they "should" and I need to roll with the punches.

The 0-4 year old children's program coordinator is sick. So guess who had to step up? Yes, me. Normally, I am not very good at children's ministry. I am usually too lenient. I don't like telling other children to behave. Luckily I was not alone, there were three children (including my own) and one other adult - the pastor's wife. Together we were able to keep the kids occupied.

And yes, I learned that telling other kids to behave is not so hard. It just gets old (and my own Princess is NOT good at sharing so she gets corrected very often). We did play Daniel and the lions den with a stuffed lion and playhouse. That was fun. Secretly, I am glad the Princess and I only attend the meetings on the weekends. Mainly because those children can sure wear a person out! (I am feeling old before I am old.)

So my lesson today: be open to whatever God places before you. Once we get a breather, I will need to find something for the kids to do, at least until the "teacher" is not sick. Plus, I am thankful that even though these other ladies have regular jobs, they still come out in the evening, tired, and willing to work for God. That brings conviction to this old complainer any day. Thank you, Lord, for helping me grow.

Oh, and if any of you know of some great children's ministry resources, drop me a comment or an email!

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Amy, Drew and Halie said...

Good job LaVonne! I started teaching Cradle Roll last Fall at our church. It is something I never thought I could do, but God showed me I could! I'm sure you are doing great! :)