Thursday, January 28, 2010


We have arrived at our first seminar here in Central California. Yesterday, the Princess and I flew in and met my wonderful husband, who drove down from Washington. Isn't he great?

Unexpectedly, our housing situation changed. An older couple from church had a trailer here, and they were wintering in Palm Springs. Free housing enables to the local church to save money on the budget. While the thought of free housing instantly stresses me out. "A trailer?", I thought to myself. It is always difficult for me when plans change once I was looking forward to something. Our other housing was a furnished apartment with a gym on site. (I really have been wanting to work out daily!)

Once we arrived here at the trailer, we realized that it was a nice home, but the couple was not prepared to have a family stay here for 4 weeks - especially one with a toddler. (Sorry about that fake plant by the television!) Their pantry, fridge, closets, dressers - everything was full. We talked with their son, who lives here locally, and were given permission to move anything we needed to. Feeling strange about touching other people's things, we unpacked quite gingerly. Well, I did at least. I can't speak for other members of my family, who don't let things bother them so much. (My Princess, thought everything was hers, as she walked through the home saying, "Mine".

After we unpacked, all our things (you know we fit everything in our Honda Civic with us in it!) we decided to go for a walk. The first house we walk by, we met the neighbor who is taking care of the plants and watching the house. Within five minutes of talking with her she tells us we are not supposed to be staying here. It is a 55 an older community and no children are allowed here. The kind neighbor also told us to go speak with the on site manager and find out if they will make an exception. Before 5pm, we found out that yes, we do have to move. We were granted one night here since we had a baby (whew!) and we called the furnished apartment complex and we can move in at 2pm!

So after this day, I realized something. It is something I need to learn, and it is something I have realized many times before. (Why can't I just "get" it?) It is a simple two words:

Trust God!

Instead of worrying, getting frustrated, relying on self - I just need to rely on God. He is so good to us. Even if this housing worked out, it is nice. And the desire of my heart - a gym on site and empty cupboards and drawers - well that is possible, if it is God's will. In this case, I feel that God was testing my heart, and I failed yesterday for a couple hours. This is our first seminar back on the road again, in the future I must remember this lesson.

Oh, and thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I know I need it!

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Tiffany Bartell said...

Glad to hear that everything worked out perfectly:) God has a way of doing that!