Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Calling

There are times when my dear husband gets a call to go somewhere, and we always feel thankful that other people appreciate the talents God has given him and want him.

Last summer he got an offer to be the President of a small school in Norway. Wow! We had just recently accepted a call (at that time) to go back on the road with Amazing Facts. Plus, to be honest, Norway, did not appeal to this West Coast girl. I am sure if we felt impressed by God to go, we would have. Thankfully that is not where He was leading.

Then, yesterday, we got a call from Australia. Another evangelism school asked my husband to come and be the director for 4 months. Australia? How cool is that? Airfare, housing and food provided for the entire family. Australia? Calls like this are much harder to turn down. Unfortunately, the dates do not match our 2010 schedule. But Australia? Wow!


Star Seeker said...

How exciting! Maybe next year?

LaVonne said...

Well, I think the school needed someone at the last minute for this year. They will find a full time director soon. So, not for that calling. But we still would like to go for vacation at some point. :)