Friday, January 08, 2010

Living Intentionally

Extravagant Grace

Encouragement and conviction are wonderful things and tonight I have experienced both. Lisa's post over at Extravagant Grace regarding Living Intentionally has been a God send. What began as a week of encouragement, reviewing and planning has now been extended for the new year and I am excited to be participating. The things that Lisa has planned for her year are the things that I want to intentionally plan as well, they include:
  • scripture memorization - 2 new scripture verses per month. I would like to learn not only promises that I can claim but also verses that will help in counseling others as we are traveling.
  • expand my prayer time and relationship with God - some days it is difficult to find the time. I want to, with God's help, spend more time with Him.
  • mentor my daughter and other women in my circle - I want to be a good role model to my daughter. I want her and others to truly see Jesus in me.
I would also like to add marriage enrichment to my intentional living plan for the year. I am so blessed with a great husband, I want to be a blessing to him as well. I also want to focus on my character faults, intentionally praying daily and allowing God to change me from the inside out.

Tomorrow I will be spending time looking for a verse for the year. A theme. As I have been recently studying the fruits of the Spirit, I know that my theme must include Transformation and I want to also focus on Relationships (God, Husband, Daughter, Others). So any suggestions of verses are greatly appreciated.

Ministry life is not always easy, but it is a blessing. It can save you, truly. It makes you want to cling to Him. This year, 2010, as we move into a new phase of ministry I do want to Live Intentionally for Him.


eLisa said...

Lavonne, I am so glad to have you join in! Your post is awesome and focus in this Living Intentionally Together mission very encouraging! May God bless our efforts and pour out His grace upon us this year!

Heather of S-A-M said...


So happy to have you along with us gals planning on intentionally living together while being loved by our Abba Father. This is gonna be one awesome journey in 2010 I just feel it in my spirit. God is gonna make His Name known!

I too am working on that scripture memorization deal. I am praying for the Lord to do more than just let them be words in my brain but to let them start there and make the fall to my heart.

Be blessed in your journey with Christ! :)


Together We Save said...

This sounds like such a blessing.