Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Please Unlock the Door!

We arrived very happily, after a LONG six hour drive, to this beautiful Northern California coastal town. The owners greeted us, and nicely began showing us the layout and little quirks of the place. So, imagine my embarrassment when the Princess locked herself in the bedroom with the phone. (She is a phone lover, any chance she gets she grabs phones.) I could hear the high pitched beeping as she was happily dialing numbers, calling who knows where. Staying calm (since there was strangers in my presence) I asked, then begged, then raised my voice (didn't yell, luckily) for her to open the door. When she replied "No", I was loosing my cool, for a moment, until I began to worry that the mirrored sliding closet doors would fall on her or she would climb out the screen-less 2nd story window. (I always imagine the worst.) I began to pray. And you know what I did? I lied to her. I feel a little guilty for doing it but it worked. I said, "Goodbye, Bella, we are going." Then I remained frozen and silent outside the door. The sound of little feet made my heart glad, and then as she turned the lock, and opened the door I wasn't sure if I should hug her or strangle her.

Oh, and the nice owners, felt bad, and kept repeating that this has NEVER happened (in the ten years they have owned the home). Yes, we know, but you have not met Isabella.

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Star Seeker said...

I'm sorry, it must have been rather distressing while it was happening, but you wrote it so well, I could just imagine it happening and Isabella is just too smart and funny!!! So, did she manage to place her call to China? Ahahah!