Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Traveling

Because of my husband's ministry we really travel a lot. So it is a good thing that I love traveling. We get to see so many great places, meet great people, and do great things. Yesterday, I posted a picture of myself licking a sea anemone!

On our day off, Tuesday, we went to Crescent City to visit Ocean World. The Princess was free, and our tickets together were under $20. What a fun time we had. We not only held starfish, kissed sea anenome, watched rock fish, sharks and sting rays, petted sharks, we also watched a fun seal show. I love those seals! They are so smart! The entrance fee included a 40 minute tour guide. He asked for a brave volunteer, so when no one raised their hand, my hand shot up. What was I thinking? So, the task: lick a sea anemone to feel their "sting". It wasn't too bad, it felt like licking a battery. I didn't last longer than 5 minutes and did not affect my speech, nor was it painful.

Our Princess is going to grow up seeing so many fun things. Not just tourist activities but also seeing people give their lives to Jesus. What an exciting calling we have!

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Star Seeker said...

Ahhhhh, licking a sea anemone? I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to do that! Been having fun reading all the blogs and wishing for more time to comment.