Friday, March 19, 2010

The Winning Team

This is what the devil often does: Just when a person is making great decisions to follow Jesus, to make Him Lord of their life - he throws in the obstacles. It is though he realizes that you are making a stand; you are standing strong on the winning team. And he is mad. Of course, since you are a threat to him and his purposes. (This reminds me of the song, "Victory in Jesus..." I love that old hymn.)

Here are just two examples from our seminar here in Northern California this week:

One older lady who has been faithfully coming out, completing her lessons (we run a Bible School with 27 lessons and have a graduation at the end of the seminar), and making great decision for Jesus, is now sick. Luckily my wonderful husband is able to drop off the lessons and CDs of the seminars she missed.

Another lady who has not missed a single night of the seminar, also doing the lessons, also making great decisions to follow Jesus, just learned that her mother died. She must leave until Monday. (Please pray for her as she now must bury her mother.) She also is having financial difficulties. (Like so many people we meet. This really is such a difficult financial time for many.)

I know that God is in control. Of course, I know that, but I still hate that these things happen. And actually both ladies are coming back. So I am pleased that ultimately Satan will not win. I just hate seeing people suffer. I am tired of sickness, death, and sin in general. Does it ever just feel so tiring for you?

I learned today that one of our friend's son is having a huge medical crisis. He began having seizures at the beginning of this month, one even lasted 45 minutes! He is just a young boy. They took him in and found multiple masses through out his body, including his brain - thus causing seizures. We are now waiting for results from the brain biopsy. A. SMALL. INNOCENT. BOY.
What is his mother going through right now? I can't imagine. Please won't you pray for Samuel as well?

So I am brought back to the same conclusion as Tuesday's conclusion: Trust God! This world is not our final home. Praise God we are just pilgrims passing through to a much better place. A place without sickness, death, or disease. Choose the Winning Team today, don't put it off!


Star Seeker said...

Wow, that is so sad, about the little boy. I remember seeing him running about so happy and carefree. I do hope he can recover completely, and will keep the family in prayer.

MageeMommy said...

It is so hard to understand these things when I take my eye off the prize(eternity with God!). I know His ways are so much better than mine and that He can make good come out of bad. Glad He is in control especially when nothing makes sense. :)